1 review 3 years ago *A typical day at Starbucks* - Welcome to Starbucks what can I do for you? she introduces herself for the nth time with a phony smile on her lips I see right through her and it leaves me a bit uneasy Oh the things you could do for me I start to wonder - I'd like an espresso I order back to the barista in her green apron - SIngle or 'doplio'? she retorts with pride that she knows how to say something in eyetalian - Double! I correct her visibly already ticked off and that's not because I need my fix real quick - For here or to go? she asks again in a robotic voice - Look lady if I wanted it to go I'd be done with it before I hit the door! People start to look at me wondering who's this rude person? - Will there be anything else? She's now starting to look like Bender to me Next thing she'll be wanting me to buy one of their lame CDs - No 'mam I quickly reply nodding my head - OK that comes to $230 *ca-ching* - Two freakin' dollars-I mumble to myself- for a lousy tasting coffee Eh beats Tim Horton's Barista goes to the espresso machine makes my coffee and slides it on the counter in a paper cup - Whoa in a ceramic cup please I demand - Oh I'm very sorry for that Here you go - Where's the saucer? You expect me to lay the spoon on the table? - Spoons? We don't serve spoons I'm sorry and thank you for your order Bye-bye as she quickly dismisses me with that one-liner I'm now grumbling in Portuguese in a low- voice while I stumble across with the 'doplio' espresso in one hand and a paraphernalia of gadgets in other in a frenzied man-hunt for the sugar and a spoon-of-sorts I finally find some brown sugar-cane sugar which is quite impotent inert almost 3V2 sachets to be 'al dente' Glup glup glup all done! I almost light up but I notice the no-smoking sign on the door Drats! I wish I was back in the Azores!! This dude is living in his own fantasy novel Meme




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