0 A MISSOURI COUPLE SUED THE SELLER OF A HOUSE FROM WHOM THEY HAD BOUGHT IT WHEN THEY DISCOVERED THAT BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS WERE BLEEDING OUT OF THE WALLS IT WAS ESTIMATED BY AN EXPERT THAT AROUND 4000 5000 SPIDERS HAD INFESTED THE HOUSE WHY IS BLACK AND WHITE SO CREEPY? - SUBMITTED BY LUKKYNUMBER • Did you ever notice that black & white movies are much creepier in a way than modern-day color films? Not more horrific per se as sheer terror can be brought on by graphic imagery modern special effects and myriad lighting tricks that are readily available in today's movies But there's just something very unnerving about old Twilight Zone shows for instance with the grainy white & charcoal filling up the screen And don't get me started about the creepy music from back then! But the way some movies from the 40s & 50s look they're just very unsettling Part of the reason why is because everything in them is so foreign People dressed different back then and talked different they were scared differently too The horror movies from the '30s are an entirely different genre than horror from the '50s Have you seen the early zombie flicks like Night of the Living Dead? You can't tell me that the black & white isn't creepy shit The original Psycho? Blood splattered on the wall in that film puts me on edge in a unique way because it's a malignant black coating instead of the red that we know blood to look like in real life Do you know why black & white movies are truly scarier though? Distraction or lack thereof In modern cinema there are literally thousands of different colors shades & combinations to distract your eye You don't realize it but our eyes are constantly darting back and forth all over the screen so even the most hellish monster is only capturing PART of our attention The rest of our eyeballs are glued to the wallpaper in the background the table in the foreground etc In a black & white picture we are almost watching a blank slate of imagery So the slightest movement of the monster we see The way the protagonist gingerly creeps down a dark staircase we see her and her alone We aren't distracted by brilliant lights and colors so we feel a different kind of primal fear than what we feel watching in color Distraction is a tool While you've been reading my drivel did you even notice my footsteps go into your child's bedroom? Meme

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