<p>Black history month date 13 sculptor Augusta Savage<p> <p>Augusta Savage was born near Jacksonville Florida on February 29 1892 to a Baptist minister She started her interest in sculpting when she was little making small clay animals however her father felt this violated the commandment not to create graven images and often punished her for it Savage never gave up and when she was in high school the principal encouraged her talent and allowed her to teach a clay modeling class This began her lifelong commitment to teaching and art<p> <p>Savage was successful in her growing sculpting career and education but was turned down from a French sponsored summer art program despite having the best qualifications due to her race This sparked an ongoing interest in equal rights<p> <p>As knowledge of Savage’s talent and struggles became widespread in the African-American community fund-raising parties were held in Harlem and Greenwich Village and African-American women’s groups and teachers from Florida A&ampM all sent her money for studies abroad Later with assistance as from the Julius Rosenwald Fund Savage enrolled and attended the Académie de la Grande Chaumière a leading Paris art school In Paris she studied with the sculptor Charles Despiau She exhibited and won awards in two Salons and one Exposition She toured France Belgium and Germany researching sculpture in cathedrals and museums<p> Meme



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